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High Quality Wayfinding Signage Australia

Take your digital navigation solutions to the next level. Throughout Sydney and Melbourne, 115 Solutions specialises in helping locals and tourists alike fine their way around. Our wayfinding signage options enable people to locate themselves and their destination, quickly and easily. Whether in a large building, a city suburb, our wayfinding solutions provides a dynamic, easy-to-use solution.

We can help you devise a wayfinding system to suit your requirements. We can help people navigate their way through hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, parks, zoos, museums, and much more.

Other applications include:

  • Airports
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Train stations
  • Events such as expos and
  • trade fairs
  • Sports stadiums

And many more. We can help you devise perfect plan to suit your building and needs, regardless of size or industry.

What our signage offers

Digital wayfinding signage throughout Melbourne and Sydney is ideal for improving the quality of service your customers receive. Enabling them to find the information they require, without having to find a staff member or line up at an information desk. Our wayfinding products add a modern, professional touch to your business, with easy modification and programming of graphics and displays. It is the perfect way to keep customers, visitors and employees informed at all times, as well as a cost-effective targeted marketing system.

Digital signage from 115 Solutions features the latest technology, with expert installation ensuring smooth, reliable operation. We take pride in providing the very best in wayfinding signage for a long list of clients throughout Melbourne, Sydney, and all over Australia.

Wayfinder signage and tenant boards are a very easy and effective way of letting people know where they are in relation to the centre or where an office is located in a building. The changes can be made quickly on any computer and the font and size of the print can be changed without the need for manual strips printed. Corporate logos can also be added to give a more professional image.

How can we help you today?

Talk to the experts here at 115 Solutions and find out more about how we can transform your tired displays into exciting digital menus. Regardless of where in Australia you are located, call us on 1300 661 888 and speak with our helpful and friendly staff. We can tailor the ideal solution, helping give your establishment a modern lift and improve your customers’ experience.

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