115 Solutions



This Code of Conduct has been produced as a guide to our Service Agents to assist them in having a consistent approach to servicing the customers that 115 Solutions have contracted for various works. Signatories to this Code of Conduct will be assigned work over those who have not signed, as 115 Solutions has contractual responsibilities that must be met in a consistent manner for those customers on a regional and/or National basis.

  • We will at all times act in a professional, sober and courteous manner when dealing with a 115 Solutions customer
  • We will never denigrate or comment, in front of the customer, on any aspect of the build quality or suitability of the equipment being worked on, nor knowingly deceive or mislead the Customer as to the suitability of a product or service
  • We will always maintain good communications between 115 Solutions, the Customer and the original Manufacturer (if required)
  • We will always telephone the Customer within two (2) hours of receiving a service call from the 115 Solutions Call Centre to assess the works requested and to make an appointment to attend the site. If unable to contact the Customer within this time, we will continue to use our best efforts to contact the Customer
  • We will try to attend the site within eight (8) working hours for a standard service call, or as directed by the Call Centre. This is contractually dependant (to 115 Solutions) and will be noted to the Agent by the Call Centre
  • We will send Invoices, faulty parts and other appropriate paperwork (as directed by the Call Centre) to 115 Solutions Administration Department within fourteen (14) days of the completion of the works
  • We will not deride any other competitor within the area
  • We will act with honesty and integrity
  • We will respect the law and act accordingly
  • We will respect confidentiality and will not misuse information of the customers, colleagues and business associates. We comply with laws, which govern the use and disclosure of information
  • We will value and maintain our professionalism and will limit any advice to customers to factual explanations which we are competent to provide and to complete our assignment for 115 Solutions to the best of our abilities
  • We will endeavor to understand and give due regard to the operational and financial needs of those affected by our work, and provide products and services, which meet those needs.
  • We will give value for money in the services and products we supply to the customer
  • We will accept responsibility for our work
  • We will endeavor to ensure the completion of all of our work for 115 Solutions, and to preserve the continuity of the operations and information flow in our care.
  • We will protect and promote the health and safety of ourselves and those affected by our work, and in particular (but without limitation) we will comply with all occupational health and safety policies of the Customer.
  • We will continue to upgrade our knowledge and skills.
  • We will always maintain close communications with the 115 Solutions Call Centre

The customer will always be assigned to the same Service Agent by the Call Centre if this Code of Conduct is adhered to.

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