115 Solutions


This policy recognises that health and safety of all employees, contractors and visitors working for 115 Solutions, is the responsibility of Company Management.


In fulfilling this responsibility, management is committed to providing and maintaining a working environment that minimises risks to health and includes:

  • providing and maintaining safe Plant and Equipment, systems of work and safe access to, and egress from the workplace
  • developing, implementing and monitoring systems for the safe use, handling, storage and transport of Plant, Equipment and materials
  • maintaining the workplace in a safe and healthy condition
  • providing adequate facilities to protect the welfare of all employees
  • providing information, training, instruction and supervision for all employees and contractors enabling them to work in a safe and healthy manner
  • maintaining information and records relating to employees’ health and safety.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the implementation of this policy. The health and safety responsibilities of management at all levels are detailed below.

All health and safety issues are regularly reviewed.



Our objective is to create and maintain a workplace that is free from hazards, which may affect persons at work. In recognition of our Duty of Care to all persons in the workplace, we have developed and maintain processes for:

  • Identification of H&S specific responsibilities and accountabilities within position descriptions, and compliance with those responsibilities
  • developing and maintaining appropriate Consultation and Communications strategies for H&S
  • the identification and assessment of H&S hazards in the workplace
  • control of these hazards within the prescribed hierarchy of control; and residual risk evaluation within the guidelines developed in AS4360 Risk Management and Corporate Policies and Procedures
  • Contractor Management
  • rehabilitation as a means to promote well being and maintaining the self esteem of the individual, whilst returning any injured person to meaningful work as soon as is practical after any incident
  • equitable claims management for personnel injured at work.

Recognising the potential hazards in our workplace, 115 Solutions will take every practicable step to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.


To achieve our objectives management will:

  • observe, implement  and fulfill its responsibilities under the relevant H&S legislations as defined by each State and Territory’s regulatory authority
  • ensure that the agreed procedures for regular consultation between management and employees are followed
  • make regular assessments of H&S performance in co-operation with those with designated HSE functions
  • ensure all specific procedures operating within 115 Solutions and our contractor base are periodically revised and consistent with H&S objectives
  • provide information, training, instruction and supervision for all employees and contractors in the correct use of Plant, equipment and materials used throughout 115 Solutions
  • ensure mandated site safety reviews and outstanding CAR’s are undertaken and completed, which will be confirmed to the CEO’s monthly report; and
  • be informed of all incidents occurring at company and contractor workplaces so that H&S performance can be accurately gauged


Supervisors will:

  • disseminate H&S information to employees and contractors relevant to the specific hazards of the work area
  • provide and arrange induction training programs for all new employees under their control
  • supervise the safety aspects of the work undertaken under their control
  • undertake or directly supervise the undertaking of, the identification of, the identification of hazards, evaluation of risk, design and implementation of controls
  • ensure provision of plant, safety systems and personal protective equipment required to control the risk of hazards in the workplace
  • undertake investigations of injuries and illnesses arising from workplace activities and recommend corrective actions to prevent or minimise the chance of re-occurrence; and
  • facilitate the reporting of workplace hazards to the person who can implement corrective actions


Employees and contractors

  • have a duty  to take all steps to protect their health and safety and of others affected by their actions at work
  • must comply with the safety procedures and instructions agreed between management and employees
  • must not willfully interfere with or misuse items or facilities proved for H&S and welfare of company employees or contractors and;
  • must, in accordance with agreed company procedures for incident reporting, report potential and actual hazards to management


This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure account is taken of company and legislation changes.

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