115 Solutions

Environment Policy

115 Solutions is committed to ensuring that activities undertaken by it’s staff and contractors are undertaken in a responsible manner, posing the minimal possible risk to the surrounding environment.


To achieve this commitment, 115 has adopted high standards of environmental management by:

  • preventing and controlling pollution where possible
  • complying with all relevant environmental legislation, licences and other regulatory requirements
  • continually improving environmental awareness and knowledge by communicating with and training our staff and contractors
  • communicating with stakeholders concerning the potential environmental impact of our activities where these may exist
  • ensuring that our office and site activities are conducted in a manner that
    • encourages the use of recycled materials and reduces waste generation
    • maximises the efficient use of energy and resources; and
    • ensures the safe and responsible disposal of waste


To achieve these objectives Management will:

  • in conjunction with the National HSE Manager will determine key performance indicators for each Environmental Management Plan that measures waste, pollution & energy reduction
  • Monitor environmental performance within their area of responsibility & through monthly reporting advise adherence to environmental standards and KPI’s
  • Demonstrate commitment to the environment through participation in formal and informal discussions
  • Participate when required in the resolution of environmental issues
  • Initiate actions to improve environmental performance and record these initiatives through our Corrective Actions Reporting (CAR) and
  • Maintain records in relation to the HSE Management System and site specific environmental management plans at the designated workplaces


Supervisors will:

  • Monitor environmental performance within their area of responsibility
  • Disseminate environmental information to employees and contractors relevant to the operations of the specific work area
  • Undertake investigations into environmental related incidents and develop appropriate corrective actions to remedy the situation and
  • Demonstrate commitment to the environment through participation in formal and informal discussions


Employees and Contractors will:

  • Display due diligence in all environmental activities in accordance with relevant legislation and Company Policies and Procedures
  • Comply with environmental management procedures and instructions agreed between management, employees and contractors and
  • report potential and actual environmental hazards to management in accordance with agreed Company Policies and Procedures for incident reporting

The 115 Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSEMS) provides the framework for developing, implementing, monitoring and reviewing environmental objectives, actions and targets.

This Policy is regularly reviewed to ensure account is taken of Company and legislative changes

The Directors seeks co-operation from all employees and Contractors in realising our environmental objectives and creating a safe and environmentally compliant workplace.

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